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Shaanxi Kaida Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.


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Kai Da has becoming the largest precious metal catalyst research and development company in precious metal catalysts field in China, which is a world-wide supplier of precious metal catalysts and chemicals for chemical, pharmaceutical, electrochemical, and petrochemical industries. And this speciality chemicals company focus on its core skills in the manufacture of supported and homogeneous precious metal catalyst and salts. It is organized into four divisions, precious metal catalysts and salts, dimensionally stable anodes (DSAs), colours, rare metal products.

Our principal activities are in the fields of organic and inorganic synthesis catalysts; the recovery of spent precious metal catalysts; the electroplating, electrolysis and sewage treatment; the manufacture of colours or paints for the ceramic, glass; the refining, fabrication and marketing of rare metals, especial titanium.

Although we are very young, but we will continue to develop our technology for all our cu... [Details]

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